April 25, 2019

University Cancer Case Competition


The University Cancer Case Competition (UCCC) is an interdisciplinary case competition for Australian university students with an exclusive focus on cancer. Each year, the UCCC presents a real-world problem in the cancer space. University students are asked to work in teams to generate specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely solutions to the case problem, and submit their solution in the form of a preliminary deliverable. Deliverables are subject to a round of screening, with the 5 top-ranked teams given an opportunity to present their solution to a panel of judges consisting of a public health physician, a researcher, a clinician, and a patient. The top 3 teams, as selected by the judges, will be awarded a monetary prize, with the first place winners also receiving an exclusive research internship offer at a relevant public health institution.

As an organisation founded by university students, we at YACI understand that university students often have remarkably innovative ideas on how they can change the world for the better, but lack the resources to be able to put these ideas into practice. We at YACI place high value on the thought leadership of students, and seek through UCCC to create a platform for students to convert thought to action, and empower them to effect real and meaningful change outside of the lecture theatre.

The theme for 2022 is Liver Cancer and Hepatitis!

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The case competition will be open to all students studying in any course at any Australian university. At YACI, we believe that the solution to the problem of cancer requires input not only from doctors and scientists, but also professionals from every discipline, including politicians, economists, and engineers, and strongly encourage students from other faculties to join the discussion and become part of the solution. The timeline for 2022 is as follows:

Mon 27th Jul 2022 (9:00am): Registrations open. Early bird registrations open until Monday 8th August (11:59pm).

Mon 8th Aug 2022 (9:00am): UCCC case file and guideline documents released. UCCC submissions open.

Wed 10th Aug 2022 (5:30pm-7:30pm): UCCC Information Night (online)

Mon 15th Aug 2022 (5:30pm): Workshop 1 – Basic biology of cancer and liver cancer (online)

Wed 17th Aug 2022 (5:30pm): Workshop 2 – Problem solving and slide-making (online)

Sun 21st Aug 2022 (11:59pm): Registrations close

Mon 29th Sept 2022 (4:59pm): Submissions close

Mon 12th Sept 2022: Finalists announced

Mon 19th Sept 2022 (5:30pm-7:30pm): UCCC Finalist Night (online)

*Please note all times are in AEST.

Who can apply?

All students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate university course are eligible to apply. Students must form teams of 2-4 members. Individual students may still apply and be randomly allocated into a team by the UCCC staff.

Please note that even though UCCC is a cancer-focused case competition, we highly encourage students to form interdisciplinary teams so as to present a most well-rounded and holistic solution to the issue.

Students from interstate and overseas are most welcome to apply, but please note that UCCC will not be responsible for covering any associated travel or accommodation expenses.

How to apply?

You can apply to participate in UCCC 2022 here: https://www.trybooking.com/CBEDD

Early bird registration (closing Monday 8th of August) : $3 per person

Standard registration (closing Sunday 21st of August): $5 per person

If you already have formed a team: Great! Book your tickets now! Please note that we will only accept one booking per team, thus please assign one team member to register the whole team.

(For example, if you are in a team of 3, please assign 1 team member to purchase 3 tickets by typing ‘3’ under ‘Quantity’)

If you are an individual looking for a team: Don’t worry! Book your ticket now and we will randomly allocate you to a team as soon as possible.

Case File and Guidelines

Access the Case Guidelines here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-gHeh4K8Facpt5f-qmmWPfXiaq6Tw1sy/view?usp=sharing

Access the Case File here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D5Mry9W70ap6GpehQqaN9p_bqhJbTsBE/view?usp=sharing

How do we submit our preliminary deliverable

PowerPoint Presentation and Overview report submissions are to be uploaded to the Google Drive by Monday 29th August (4.59pm). Please refer to the guidelines for further details.

UCCC Information Night

The 2022 UCCC Information Night will be held online via zoom with presentations from each of the 4 guest speakers. These will also be uploaded to YouTube and shared on YACI social media platforms after the event.

Date: Wednesday 10th of August 2022 5:30pm

Location: ONLINE via Zoom. Here is the recording: https://youtu.be/ON4uD5-F3WI

Who can come?

This event is open to anyone in the general public interested in liver cancer, but will be especially beneficial and advantageous for all UCCC registrants and those considering registration to attend.

Why should I come?

  • Gain knowledge and deepen your understanding of liver cancer and the at-risk populations
  • Receive valuable tips and learn the keys to success from last year’s case competition winners.
  • Receive the opportunity to hear from a person with lived experience of liver cancer
  • Receive the opportunity to ask the guest speaker panel and the UCCC team any questions you may have regarding liver cancer, chronic hepatitis infections, the case file and UCCC.

UCCC Workshops

This year we have a new addition to the UCCC calendar – a series of 2 workshops!

Register here for both workshops: https://forms.gle/rjak7MLx6KmU3uUm9

Workshop 1: Basics biology of cancer and liver cancer (via Zoom) Here is the recording: https://youtu.be/JLZt5s4shKw

Still confused how cancer occurs? Come along to our BASICS OF CANCER workshop where esteemed tutors from YACI’s High School Masterclass Program will give you a comprehensive overview of cancer biology!

This workshop will gear you up in biology and cancer literacy, which will help you work through the case file and design an innovative solution.

Workshop 2: Problem Solving and Slide making (via Zoom)

Not sure how to tackle the case problem? Come along to our PROBLEM SOLVING workshop where a consulting expert will teach you how to unpack any problem!  By the end of the workshop, you will master the skill to problem-solve and set the cornerstone of your path to success in the upcoming UCCC.

UCCC Finalist Night

Date: Monday 19th of September 2022 | 5:30-7:30PM AEST

Tickets: FREE event

Location: Zoom. The event link will be posted closer to the date.

Who can come?

This event is open to the general public and will be held via zoom. Friends and families of the finalists are most welcome to attend, and it is highly recommended that all UCCC non-finalist registrants attend too.

Why should I come?

  • Support the top 5 finalist teams, who will present their proposal to an esteemed panel of judges on the night.
  • Personally observe and experience a cancer case competition, the first of its kind in Australia!
  • Learn from your peers and gain knowledge on what makes a successful case competition proposal. This will be highly beneficial in preparing for subsequent UCCC cases.


  • 1st prize: $600 and a summer research internship at LiverWell
  • 2nd prize: $400
  • 3rd prize: $200


I am not studying a science (or related) course and have no science background. Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, of course! UCCC does not assume any advanced science background of its registrants. While a science background is certainly relevant, we encourage students to form interdisciplinary teams in order to present the most well-rounded and holistic solution possible. We also highly recommend attendance to our UCCC Information Session to obtain a better understanding of cancer survivorship care.

I am not studying at a Victorian university. Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, of course! Students from interstate and overseas are most welcome to apply, especially since this year UCCC is being held online.

Help! I don’t have a team but I’m keen to participate!

Don’t worry! Book a ticket for yourself now and the UCCC team will randomly allocate you into a team as soon as possible.

Help! We’ve already registered but have a friend who wants to join our group/ I want to join my friends group!

Awesome – the more the merrier! Please do the following:
a. already registered group: email us at uccc@yaci.org.au with your friend’s full name to confirm the addition of a team member, and ask your friend to register
b. wanting to register: register as an individual and send us an email confirming you want to be placed in your friend’s group. Please provide all the team member’s names.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at uccc@yaci.org.au.